Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sven's Diary

Dear Diary,

Tonight, I was so scared! It was our first gig and from back stage I could hear everybody cheering my name. They were waving flags, which said: ‘The Best Guitarist in The Whole Wylde World!’ No pressure, hey! Diddy and Rocky were tapping and singing, while I was practicing my Chunka-Chunka chord on my guitar. The back stage manager began the count down. 5 seconds to go! 5-4-3-2-1! Game on!

Bursting up through the trap door, the crowd screamed so loudly that I thought I might go deaf! My heart was beating as loud as the drums that Diddy was banging. Diddy shouted, 1-2-3 and tapped her drum sticks together. We started to play. My hands were sweating so much as I strummed my guitar. It was the world’s best guitar ever made: The Godzilla! With its super grip and awesome sound this guitar truly rocked the stage!

Several hours later, the performance was over! We were brilliant. People threw money in to my skilled new purple hat! What a great performance – what a great day!

By Sven Wylde

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