Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Jade Sophie Green, Diddy, was born in 1985; Liverpool England on July 6th. She was born practically patting her hands on the bed. Right from a very young age Diddy could play the drums!

Diddy got her first drum kit at 3 years old. Consequently, she played on them all the time, which didn't help her mum – Joanne Green (who was an accountant) do her home job! Being a music teacher, at Greenwood Primary School, her dad – Jack Green - encouraged Diddy to become a drum player, which was his favourite instrument. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Diddy would attend drum lessons. Natural at playing the drums, her professional music teacher enhanced her talent further.

Diddy had a fairly standard childhood. Going to Westminster Primary School in Nevada was a great experience for Diddy. Year 1 was a bit dull, however in year 2 she met Rocky and Sven – who would later be her band mates from Randomly out the Sky. In P5 she got a drum solo for her class assembly. She was delighted and this was to be the first time she performed in front of anyone other than her family! Diddy was a huge success! However, year 6 was her favourite year as it was then that really became good friends with Rocky and Sven

Secondary was a tough time for Diddy. Diddy, Rocky and Sven all went to Vegas Town Secondary School. Diddy was the best in her class, the one problem was that she had braces and everybody called her "metal mouth" or "train tracks’’. Once she, Rocky and Sven left secondary and after years of taunts, finally her braces came off and guys were lining up!

After months of interviews, Diddy finally got a job at a bar alongside her old mates Rocky and Sven. She was a barmaid for a year or two before she was asked the other two to form a band!

They started by performing at bars and pubs around Navada. People started videoing them and they were put on YouTube. They became number 1 hit! Consequently, Simon Cowell saw them and he signed them to his record label! There 1st gig was at Westminster Park promoting their number 1 song: ‘Ego on Fire’.

Currently, they are preparing for their world tour. They also are raising money for charities.

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