Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rocky's Diary

Dear Diary,

Peering out of the stage curtain, I was very nervous, but at the same time excited! Beads of sweat were standing on my forehead. The crowd was cheering my name, screaming as loud as they could! Mumbling to my self Sven ad Diddy suddenly ran out onto the stage! I decided to follow them.

The crowd kept on increasing their noise. Sven struck the first note for the first song: ‘Ego on Fire’. The pressure was on! Singing in my best voice, I felt as if I was a goddess. As soon as we finished the first song the crowd cheered so loudly they nearly blew the rook off! The next song we sang was ‘Living the Dream.’ Again the crowd was cheering. We, ‘Randomly out the Sky’ kept on singing and playing our instruments until we were exhausted and it was time to end!

I really want to play another concert again, maybe in a different location. It felt amazing to be a real Rock Star and I will always have the memory of tonight with me!

By Rocky

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