Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Rocky was born in New York, America, 1985. Her birth name is actually Rebecca Johnson. She has one older sister named Amber Johnson – who was two when she was born. Rocky’s mother – Jane Johnson – worked as a fashion designer whereas her father –James Johnson - worked as a banker.

They were a very musical family; Johnson’s earliest memory was being in a music store and seeing all the different kinds of instruments. Her parents bought both her and her sister their first guitars and drum sets!

Rocky moved to Nevada and attended Westminster Primary School. Starting in year two she met Diddy – also known as Jade Sophie Green. Rocky loved her music lessons where she and Diddy were always the best! Several years later, in year six, they finally met and became friends with Sven Wylde. They all liked the same type of music, which of course was rock!

A year later, they transferred to Vegas Town School, where they studied the same subjects and met each other everyday after school to either play music or visit the music store. Rocky worked really hard and school and achieved straight A’s in all her subjects.

However, she left school at the age of sixteen to pursue her music career and form a band with Sven and Diddy. Randomly out the Sky became their name.
Randomly out the Sky played in several bars around Nevada. Lots of people enjoyed their performances so much that they recorded them and posted their videos onto YouTube. After 2 months their song ‘Ego on Fire’ became the number one hit on YouTube. It was then that Simon Cowell got in touch with the group and signed them to his record label. Within a year, they had had a number 1 hit in the charts with ‘Ego on Fire.’

Currently, they are doing a world tour and have raised money for many different charities.

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