Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Godzilla Guitar

Rocky's Diary

Dear Diary,

Peering out of the stage curtain, I was very nervous, but at the same time excited! Beads of sweat were standing on my forehead. The crowd was cheering my name, screaming as loud as they could! Mumbling to my self Sven ad Diddy suddenly ran out onto the stage! I decided to follow them.

The crowd kept on increasing their noise. Sven struck the first note for the first song: ‘Ego on Fire’. The pressure was on! Singing in my best voice, I felt as if I was a goddess. As soon as we finished the first song the crowd cheered so loudly they nearly blew the rook off! The next song we sang was ‘Living the Dream.’ Again the crowd was cheering. We, ‘Randomly out the Sky’ kept on singing and playing our instruments until we were exhausted and it was time to end!

I really want to play another concert again, maybe in a different location. It felt amazing to be a real Rock Star and I will always have the memory of tonight with me!

By Rocky

Diddy's Diary

Dear Diary,
What an amazing night! Our band ‘Randomly out the sky,’ performed tonight. We were all really excited, well me and Rocky were anyway. Sven was pacing, sweating like mad and going to the toilet every two minutes! Checking my watch, I told everyone we were on in ten seconds, Sven almost fainted! Would we fail? The buzzer went; I grabbed my sticks and lead my band out on to the stage.

We took one step onto the stage and the crowd went bonkers! Absolutely manic! Wild! Crazy! Insane! It was probably our best entrance yet. I started us off: 1…2…3…4 and we played our hit song, ‘Ego on Fire’. Once we had ended, the crowd cheered ‘Randomly, Randomly, Randomly…’ Everyone felt like a god! We then played ‘Living the Dream’ and Rock Til’ Ya Drop!’ We didn’t have anymore time, so we had to step off the stage. It was over! I felt like a different person!

Afterwards we went and celebrated at a pub. I don’t think I’m ever going to feel that way again. Today was the best day ever!

By Diddy

Sven's Diary

Dear Diary,

Tonight, I was so scared! It was our first gig and from back stage I could hear everybody cheering my name. They were waving flags, which said: ‘The Best Guitarist in The Whole Wylde World!’ No pressure, hey! Diddy and Rocky were tapping and singing, while I was practicing my Chunka-Chunka chord on my guitar. The back stage manager began the count down. 5 seconds to go! 5-4-3-2-1! Game on!

Bursting up through the trap door, the crowd screamed so loudly that I thought I might go deaf! My heart was beating as loud as the drums that Diddy was banging. Diddy shouted, 1-2-3 and tapped her drum sticks together. We started to play. My hands were sweating so much as I strummed my guitar. It was the world’s best guitar ever made: The Godzilla! With its super grip and awesome sound this guitar truly rocked the stage!

Several hours later, the performance was over! We were brilliant. People threw money in to my skilled new purple hat! What a great performance – what a great day!

By Sven Wylde


Rocky was born in New York, America, 1985. Her birth name is actually Rebecca Johnson. She has one older sister named Amber Johnson – who was two when she was born. Rocky’s mother – Jane Johnson – worked as a fashion designer whereas her father –James Johnson - worked as a banker.

They were a very musical family; Johnson’s earliest memory was being in a music store and seeing all the different kinds of instruments. Her parents bought both her and her sister their first guitars and drum sets!

Rocky moved to Nevada and attended Westminster Primary School. Starting in year two she met Diddy – also known as Jade Sophie Green. Rocky loved her music lessons where she and Diddy were always the best! Several years later, in year six, they finally met and became friends with Sven Wylde. They all liked the same type of music, which of course was rock!

A year later, they transferred to Vegas Town School, where they studied the same subjects and met each other everyday after school to either play music or visit the music store. Rocky worked really hard and school and achieved straight A’s in all her subjects.

However, she left school at the age of sixteen to pursue her music career and form a band with Sven and Diddy. Randomly out the Sky became their name.
Randomly out the Sky played in several bars around Nevada. Lots of people enjoyed their performances so much that they recorded them and posted their videos onto YouTube. After 2 months their song ‘Ego on Fire’ became the number one hit on YouTube. It was then that Simon Cowell got in touch with the group and signed them to his record label. Within a year, they had had a number 1 hit in the charts with ‘Ego on Fire.’

Currently, they are doing a world tour and have raised money for many different charities.


Jade Sophie Green, Diddy, was born in 1985; Liverpool England on July 6th. She was born practically patting her hands on the bed. Right from a very young age Diddy could play the drums!

Diddy got her first drum kit at 3 years old. Consequently, she played on them all the time, which didn't help her mum – Joanne Green (who was an accountant) do her home job! Being a music teacher, at Greenwood Primary School, her dad – Jack Green - encouraged Diddy to become a drum player, which was his favourite instrument. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Diddy would attend drum lessons. Natural at playing the drums, her professional music teacher enhanced her talent further.

Diddy had a fairly standard childhood. Going to Westminster Primary School in Nevada was a great experience for Diddy. Year 1 was a bit dull, however in year 2 she met Rocky and Sven – who would later be her band mates from Randomly out the Sky. In P5 she got a drum solo for her class assembly. She was delighted and this was to be the first time she performed in front of anyone other than her family! Diddy was a huge success! However, year 6 was her favourite year as it was then that really became good friends with Rocky and Sven

Secondary was a tough time for Diddy. Diddy, Rocky and Sven all went to Vegas Town Secondary School. Diddy was the best in her class, the one problem was that she had braces and everybody called her "metal mouth" or "train tracks’’. Once she, Rocky and Sven left secondary and after years of taunts, finally her braces came off and guys were lining up!

After months of interviews, Diddy finally got a job at a bar alongside her old mates Rocky and Sven. She was a barmaid for a year or two before she was asked the other two to form a band!

They started by performing at bars and pubs around Navada. People started videoing them and they were put on YouTube. They became number 1 hit! Consequently, Simon Cowell saw them and he signed them to his record label! There 1st gig was at Westminster Park promoting their number 1 song: ‘Ego on Fire’.

Currently, they are preparing for their world tour. They also are raising money for charities.

Sven Wylde

Born as Bjorg Bjorn – Gurtwig Wulfe on Friday the 13th of April 1985. His mother was called Mohan Wulfe and his father, at that time, was unknown.

When Sven was 3, he made a guitar out of leaves, twigs and a plant pot. One of his earliest memories was standing outside Hamburg Musik, the local music store, waiting for it to open. He used to spend hours looking at the guitars in the hope that one day he would have a real one of his own!

When he was 7, he changed his name to Sven, consequently his name was: Sven Bjorn-Gurtwig Wulfe. A year later, Sven’s Mother died in a lunatic asylum thinking Sven’s father was a god. A year after his mother died, his father revealed himself, he was Swedish millionaire Gurtwig Ewerlofe and lived in Nevada. He moved in with his father and his legal name changed to Sven Bjorn-Gurtwig Wulfe ‘Wylde’ Ewerlofe.

At the age of 9, he was sent to Olihokes Primary School for 2 years. During this time he won the talent contest twice, both times for playing his guitar.

Then he went to Vegas Town Secondary School. Leaving in Year 11, he then went onto work in Tom Lee music store in the day and with his band members Rocky and Diddy in a bar called Buttered Goose.

There first gig was in the Buttered Goose, where they were filmed by a YouTube user! Megacal1990 became a big hit! They were then given a contract by Simon Cowell and 2 years later they were a hit band touring around the world. In the 2006, they performed at the opening of the World Cup as well as the closing ceremony of the 2010 World Cup.